SCIO Quantum Biofedback Sessions


With the help of the EPFXQuantum Biofeedback system, we can painlessly and non-invasively look at reactions to common stressors and begin to piece the picture together.
Most people find the biofeedback experience relaxing, soothing and beneficial. The side effects of biofeedback may include these possibilities (and many more that may be experienced):
•Ability to relax more quickly
•Deeper state of relaxation during sleep
•Easier to fall asleep and stay asleep




•Reduction of stress and hypertension
•Improved general health
•Increase in amount of calmness and peacefulness
•Reduction of anger
•Less fearfulness
•Fewer anxiety attacks
•Amelioration of sorrow
•Reduction of the depth of depression
•Heightened muscle mobility
•Deeper concentration and enhanced memory
•Less intense focus on pain and stressors
•Less intensity of any pain or any stress

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Remote SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Sessions


Long Distance Healing works according to Quantum Physics. In Quantum, everything is connected. Everything is part of a continuous whole. Distance is not a factor.

Long Distance sessions are wireless technology and works on a principle similar to the

cell phone. It is fairly well

accepted that the garage door opener and the television remote work by wireless methods. The cell phone

works at even greater distances. There simply has to be a sender and a receiver. In this case the sender is the Quantum Biofeedback device and the receiver is the client.


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