Hot/Cold Compression Back Wrap



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Hot/Cold Compression Back Wrap


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* Soothes Lumbar Area 
* Helps Reduce Pain, Stiffness & Inflammation 
* Heat Therapy Helps Decrease Swelling, Inflammation & Pain 
* Cold therapy Relaxes Stiffness, Improves Flexibility & Relieves Pain 
* Compression Therapy Delivers Hot or Cold Therapy Deep Into The Muscle Tissue 







Say goodbye to aches & pains with this one-of-a-kind back compression wrap. Inflates to deliver personalized pressure for superior comfort & support. Removable air pump for total mobility. Soothes area & helps reduce pain, stiffness & inflammation. 

Heat Therapy helps relax stiffness, improves flexibility & reduces pain. 
Cold Therapy helps decreases swelling, inflammation & pain. 
Compression Therapy helps deliver hot or cold therapy deep into the muscle tissues. 

It's easy to use in any manner... cool in freezer or heat in microwave. Provides all over relief. 

Fits up to 52" waist. No electricity needed. Use with or without gel pack. 


* Hot/Cold Gel Pack 
*Hot/Cold Compression Back Wrap 
* Removable Air Pump 


The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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