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me-36, 1/5/15 capsules

pharmaceutical grade





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ME-36 offers true natural penis enhancement.

This all-natural male enhancement supplement works

in under an hour, so you can focus your energy and

truly satisfy your partner.


ME-36 natural male enhancement also helps increase

stamina, so you don't have to worry about running out

of steam before she's satisfied.


ME-36 offers penis enhancement that works fast

and lasts up to 36 hours. Rock your partner's world

with hot, erotic bliss courtesy of ME-36 natural male



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Directions: Take 1 ME-36hr™ capsule 45 minutes prior to activity. Do not exceed 1 capsule in a 24 hour period. Results may last up to 36 hours and can vary from person to person.



1 Capsule Contains - Proprietary Blend 580mg: L-Arginine, Epimedium 20:1 Extract, Rou Gui, Tongkat Ali, Avena Sativa, Agmatine Sulfate, Muira Puama, Zinc



ME-36 Natural Enhancement for Improved Male Performance


ME-36 is natural enhancement for improved male performance. The ingredients in ME-36 can last up to 36 hours, letting you decide when it's the right time.



ME-36 Natural Enhancer with Male Aphrodisiac


ME-36 is the safe, natural enhancement formula with a male aphrodisiac that helps manage erectile dysfunction symptoms, improving erection strength and frequency-for a happy, healthy sex life.



Me-36 Description

ME-36 is the way to help give your penis the length, power, girth, and ejaculation. It is specially formulated to rock your partner's world with increased pleasure and hot, eroctic bliss.

  • Helps make sex enjoyable again
  • Rock-hard satisfaction in minutes
  • Improves libido functioning and stamina
  • Natural aphrodisiacs get your partner wet and ready.

ME-36 is designed to pump up your penis in under an hour and give you increased stamina and sexual vigor for up to 36 hours.


The proprietary blend of ingredients helps to increase blood flow to the penis, giving you and your partner extreme orgasms and powerful loads of cum. It helps increase sperm potency, taste, and amount when you need it most.


Because of the focus and concentration it helps you acquire, you will be more likely to last longer without ejaculating, keep your erection after orgasm, and be more apt to fully satisfy her needs.

  • Satisfy both you and your partners needs
  • Focus your energy without distractions
  • Increase sperm productivity
  • Last longer without ejaculation.



ME-36 contains a complex of natural ingredients that are synthesized by your body before beginning sexual intercourse.


The mixture of Muira Puama, Tongkat Ali, Epimedium, Zinc, Rou Gui, and l-Arginine. By working together this mixture helps spring the libido into action and aids in prolonging the feeling for up to 36 hours.


Muira Puama is an herb, which acts a natural aphrodisiac to aid in fueling sexual dreams, desires, and determination. It does this by relaxing the soft tissue (corpus cavernosa) of the penis for extra gains in girth and hardness.

Next, the Epimedium (Horny goat weed) lowers cortisol levels in the blood, thus lowering stress and making erections happen faster and powerfully.

As the Muria Puma and Epimedium extracts kick into play, they start setting up l-Arginine to help engorge the penis with massive blood inflow by helping increase nitric oxide content in the blood.

Zinc, a mineral supplement and catalyst for producing testosterone, begins to help sperm mobility with powerful, exciting blasts of pleasure during sex.

Other ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Rou Gui bolster the effectiveness of these important proprietary ingredients by helping synthesize reactions on a molecular level.

  • Zinc strengthens the power of a sperm during orgasm
  • Epimedium helps relax your mind and body to help initiate intimacy
  • Rou Gui is a secret Chinese sexual aid used for centuries
  • Tongkat Ali (E. longifolia) is used for aiding in increasing testosterone levels.


ME36 Ingredients are Formulated to Help Sex Drive & Male Stamina


ME36 knows all erections start in the mind

ME36 contains a blend of all-natural ingredients that improve erection strength and frequency, boosting sex drive for more male stamina. Muira Puama is a male aphrodisiac that helps improve desire and libido. When combined with Epimedium, Muira Puama helps improve mood and diminish stress levels as the Epimedium reduces cortisol levels in blood-also reducing stress.


ME36's ingredients work together to boost male stamina for up to 36 hours.

By reducing stress levels and relaxing the vascular muscles of the penis, L-Arginine and Zinc can go to work. By increasing the nitric oxide content in blood, L-Ariginine also boosts male stamina as blood flow can more easily enter the penis chamber, causing it to engorge with blood and harden. Zinc gives testosterone levels the natural boost they need to encourage sperm mobility, along with the added benefit of male stamina. Tongkat Ali and Rou Gui help to increase the effects and benefits of ME-36's blend of ingredients.


A male aphrodisiac can put you in the mood, but the blend of stimulators in ME-36 gives you the boost you need to act. ME36 is enhancement you can feel.


Questions about ME36?


Below you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about ME36 male natural enhancement. We want your experience with ME36 to be as successful for you as it is for other users, so review the recommended dosage and try ME36 with confidence.


What is ME36's recommended dosage?

It is recommended that you take one pill 45 minutes prior to sexual activity. You should only take one pill during a 24-hour period of time. The effects of ME36 can last up to 36 hours.


Can ME36 cure erectile dysfunction?

While ME36 male natural enhancement can reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it is not intended to cure or treat any medical conditions. The ingredients in ME36 are meant to increase sex drive and blood flow to the penis for stronger and more easily acquired erections.


Who should take ME36?

ME36 male natural enhancement is only intended for use by adult men. If you are taking prescription medication, it is advised that you consult your licensed physician before you begin any supplement routine.


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The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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